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© 2016 Little Lady Perfumes. Proudly created by His Design Services

- About The Brand -

Who We Are

Little Lady Perfumes was founded in 2016 by a little lady with ambitious goals, tenacity and an inspiring mind.


Little Lady Perfumes was uniquely designed with every little lady in mind. With all the mature scents available for teens and adults, founder Arijah Joyce Fisher (affectionately known as Arijah J.) was concerned that there were no scent options for little ladies like herself. And so she approached her mother with an idea and business plan. Arijah was determined to launch a product that every little lady could enjoy.


Whether your niece, sister, daughter, cousin or friend, there is an age appropriate fragrance just for her!

About Our Founder


At just nine years old, Arijah J. is a self-motivated triple threat! A star student, girlpreneur and aspiring actress, Arijah is a little lady driven to be successful and live her greatest life. She does all this while inspiring other little ladies to do the same. “Never be afraid to become who God designed you to be” is her life’s mission statement. Her intelligence, wisdom and ambition far exceeds her age and are the pillars on which she’s built her dreams. Arijah believes that every little lady is special and can be anything she desires. Arijah knows that it is through Christ that she can do all things! Arijah is not afraid to be herself and wants every little lady to have that same confidence and assurance. 

In addition to entrepreneurship, Arijah is an advocate for anti-bullying. A victim of bullying herself she is determined to use her brand as a platform to promote awareness, to educate and to speak out against bullying. She hopes to accomplish this through her anti-bullying foundation “Shy Girl.” The “Shy Girl” foundation was also launched in 2016 as Arijah’s attempt to bring attention to and to start an on-going dialogue to this epidemic plaguing our schools and communities.

In honor and support of her foundation Arijah has released a signature fragrance also named “Shy Girl” to which all proceeds from its purchase helps to fund her foundation and movement against bullying.  

“This is just the beginning” said confidently by young entrepreneur and founder of Little Lady Perfumes. “I want every little lady to develop healthy self-esteem and self-love as I have and I hope my fragrances will help!”  

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